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Thursday, 13 September 2007

Port Ellen to Seal Bay 7th and 13th September 2007

The mystery building. Any ideas?
I have to confess I did this short stretch in two goes. But before you scoff, go and try it for yourself!! I set off to do it in a oner, but was defeated by the time I got to Lagavulin. Anyone wishing to repeat this exercise should have the following:
  1. wellies (walking through water necessary)
  2. a stick
  3. insect repellent
  4. nerves of steel.
Also, NEVER attempt it when bracken is high and best check tides before you set out. Failing possession of all of the above, this walk can be achieved if you have:
  1. a death wish
As it was, I had none of the above (no, not even a death wish!) and the bracken was very high (taller than me, which admittedly Armin, isn't saying very much as I'm only 5 foot 3) but tall enough to not see the edge of the cliffs sometimes. Perhaps the walk is achievable without bracken and at very low tide, but I for one, will not be attempting it again. This was the only time on the coastal walk that I have felt truly scared and wondered what on earth I was doing. It took me from 10.15 am to 3.15 pm to walk this distance (about 2 and a half miles) The ground was so uneven I kept falling over and the shoreline was sometimes impassable, making it necessary to wade through awful bracken. I did come across a square building which intrigued me and I've posted a picture of it on here. If anyone knows what it is, I'd be interested to hear from them, because it seemed such an inaccessible place for it to be. By the time I got to Lagavulin, I could take no more and phoned Ann for a lift back to Port Ellen. Then today I returned to Lagavulin to complete the walk. This time it was very pleasant and I was able to walk the short distance completely along the shoreline. In summary:
Four ticks, four miles
Three falls, no stiles
Two walls, too much
One walk I won't retouch!


Armin said...

Just checked, 5'3 is still up to my shoulder, nothing I would have enjoyed either.

I had a short stroll between Ardbeg and Lagavulin Bay in June, mainly "across the top" though. Very nice with great views to Texa.

At your current pace, will you have anything left to walk at the end of October?

Becky said...

When are you coming to Islay? A few folk have asked about walking the stretches on The Oa with me. Because of the bracken :-) I was going to leave them until later in the season, so you could join me then if you want?

Armin said...

Becky, completely forgot to reply here, I'm actually on my way to Islay right now (Sat 20/Oct). I'll arrive tonight for a week.

I won't have internet access and limited mobile phone (there's no reception at Kilchoman), I'll be staying at Kilchoman House Cottages.

May be we can still get in contact if you're planning to go for a walk this week. My mobile number is at my personal website