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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

The Grand Finale

It seemed fitting to combine my fortieth birthday with the very, very, very last stretch of my walk! It was niggling me that although I had walked up the Big Strand from the south and from Laggan to the beginning of the Big Strand from the north, I hadn't actually crossed the River Laggan. So with a bottle of Lambrusco, a birthday cake, some willing, wellied friends, and a camera on tow, we set off on a glorious May day for the momentous crossing - only to be faced with a very high tide and consequently very deep river. We watched as a cow swam across. Not having come prepared for such endeavours - I did the only thing possible to do - I wandered up to the precarous swing rope bridge and cautiously made my way across - on my own! Such bravado! No-one else dared to follow! OK, OK, so that might not be quite true. I didn't allow them to follow because as soon as anyone else set foot on the bridge, it swung even more! The daring feat accomplished, we sat and enjoyed our celebratory drink. Despite not being able to get our feet wet, we enjoyed this grand finale and I would like to thank Ray for taking photographs (still to be uploaded) and for testing the depth of the water (!), Julie, Cho and Lizzie (the dogs), Fiona Hyslop, Christine and Fiona and Heather MacGillivray for joining me.


Armin said...

A belated Happy Birthday! Not to forget congratulations for completing the walk!

I hope you will continue walking and write the occasional blog entry about your endeavours...

Becky said...

Thanks, Armin. As long as I have good health I will keep walking. I have now started all Islay's trig points! I may well keep a log of them on this blog so, watch this space!