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Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Kilchiaran to Granny's Rock

I thought it was about time I updated my blog, even though I haven't really done any 'new' bits, but a few weeks ago the weather was actually nice (it has been nice the past couple of days too) and I decided I ought to rectify a niggly situation. A couple of years ago I walked with Walkislay from Kilchoman to Kilchiaran via the masts on the hill and back again, but didn't really go close to the coast; or at least, not as close as I like to go.
So I set off one Sunday afternoon with my friend Lynda with the aim of walking from Kilchiaran to Machir Bay - not a long distance by any means. But we had a time limit and the sun was setting so as soon as we got to Granny's Rock I said, 'Right, I've done this bit already; we'd better turn back.' It is a beautiful walk and we were entertained by croaking Ravens and hares en our way.
As we turned back, the sun began to set and we were rewarded with a beautiful view of the western sky.
I haven't forgotten my walk and hope this settled spell lasts into the New Year when I might have chance to go and finish the bits on The Oa. Now that I'm goose counting I've had chance to do a bit of 'reccy' work which has motivated me to get out again.

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Armin said...

No pictures of granny? ;-)