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Friday, 11 January 2008

Ardnave to Kilnave

Granny Rock, near Machir Bay

The 'gravewood' at Kilnave
This was another 'niggly situation'. I knew I had done most of the coastline from Ardnave to the head of Loch Gruinart, but that there was a tiny stretch inbetween Ardnave and Kilnave that I hadn't done so, just to be on the safe side, I did the whole stretch again - yes, all one mile of it! (or there abouts). My younger brother, Tim, and my parents were here for Christmas so Tim and I walked this short stretch of coast and mum and dad came to meet us at Kilnave in the car. We took the obligatory photos through Kilnave chapel window and decided this would be a good place to rest in peace. Lots of old gravestones here, but the most interesting is the 'gravewood', a grave marked with a carved piece of inscribed wood. Nice! Later we discovered that a Loggerhead Turtle was washed up at Ardnave on 29th December. We did this walk on the 27th December and the circular walk round the peninsula on the 30th December and didn't see anything! Typical! The gaps are closing up but those two longish stretches on The Oa loom heavily on my mind. I had arranged a walk at the beginning of this month, but the weather wasn't suitable. Weather providing, I'll close up another short gap at Kildalton Estate. Here's Granny for you, Armin!

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Armin said...

Looks like Granny is nice and well then!

I still remember how I (and I think quite a few others) were struggling to see her during that walk on the walking week a few years ago...