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Monday, 2 July 2007

Joining up the coastline

Grace and Becky, Saligo, 17th December 2006
Hi, my name is Becky Williamson and I am walking Islay's entire coastline (130 miles) in stages to raise money for the Marine Conservation Society. Shortly after moving to Islay three years ago, I made it my aim to walk round its coastline - not all in one go (much too difficult for a leisurely walker like myself!), but in stages. Then I heard about MCS's Coastline Challenge and realized my walk could give me an opportunity to support this wonderful project and charity. I am excited about this walk because it combines four of my greatest passions – walking, wildlife, photography and beach-combing - and all for a great cause. I had hoped to complete the walk by the end of summer 2007, but there are some parts that are thick with bracken right now and I'd rather wait and do those parts in the autumn when the bracken has died back a bit. So I've revised my original plan and hope to finish the walk by the end of the year - but finish it I intend to do!! As I go I'm taking lots of photos and making good use of flotsam and jetsam, as you can see from the photo! Using beach art I hope to convey the message that we can have a positive impact on our threatened coastal environment.


Armin said...

So you have a blog for this as well, why didn't I find this earlier?

I had heard and read about your walk around Islay, but didn't know that you had this blog as well. It will go on my reading list immediately, I'll also blog about it on my blog to try to send you a few more visitors/readers.

Becky said...

Thanks Armin,

The reason you didn't find it earlier is that i'm trying to get to grips with this blog thing so it's only just got up and running and at the minute is changing regularly as i figure things out gradually.

Thanks for visiting th ough. That's an encouragement.

Cliff said...

Congratulations and thank you to Becky, for her outstanding contribution to Coastal Walking and Marine Conservancy. Verily, I have found this blog and inspiration and a joy.

Anonymous said...


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